Writing Samples

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     Essays published in online and print publications

Total Noise and Complete Saturation (The Rumpus)

It Made Me Feel Like More Than One Person (The Morning News)

All of Us (Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

I Wear the Pants (Vol. 1 Brooklyn)


     Samples of academic work written about Classics, politics, and poetry

Over and Under in Catullus 1 

Daedalus Far from Home

Conversation with Sappho

Reading the Lyrics: Louise Bogan’s Ascendant Unconscious

Study of Sor Juana’s Sonnet 186

Policy Papers: The US and Rome

Examination of Catullus 63

Metaphysical Poetry and Extended Metaphor in Dante’s Vita Nuova

Writing for Hire

     Samples of freelance work commissioned by clients 

Travel Script

Company Profile

Script: Sample Dialogue for Adult English Learners

Blog Post

Local School Newsletter

Real Estate Listing

Professional Cover Letter Template (Education Industry)

Online Article: “Stress: Reading Your Way to Relief”

Original Wedding Speech

Online Article: Caloric Deficit

Online Article: Dieting with Herbs


     Fiction published in online and print publications

The Josephine Pocket (Front Porch Journal)

Book Reviews

     Commissioned book reviews published in print and online publications

The Heart Goes Last, by Margaret Atwood (MONKEYBICYCLE)

The Last Book I Loved: Hygiene and the Assassin (The Rumpus)

Mark Slouka’s “The Crossing,” a Study in Suspense

Pond Scum is Part of the Ecosystem


Letter from the Editor


The Lightning Room with Christine Gosnay (PANK Magazine)

A Magazine Dedicated to Publishing Meaningful Works (TheReviewReview)