Published Writing

Even Years, a book of poetry. Available from Kent State University Press, August 2017. Winner of the Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize, selected by Angie Estes

The Wanderer, winner of the Chad Walsh Chapbook Prize from Beloit Poetry Journal. Forthcoming Spring 2019

POETRY Magazine, “Sex” (forthcoming)

Image Journal, “Jay” & “Aegis” (Issue 100)

Ecotone, “New State” (forthcoming)

Bennington Review, “That God is No Longer Here” (forthcoming)

POETRY Magazine, “Difference, Difference” (October 2018)

Beloit Poetry Journal, “Qu’il Aile” 

New Ohio Review, “Topology”

POETRY Magazine, “Strangers” (February 2017)

The Missouri Review, “Compassionate Theory of Mind” (Poem of the Week)

The Poetry Review, “Divagations” 

THRUSH Poetry Journal, “Songbird” and “As Through a Strain”

Third Coast Magazine, “Examination of Papaver” & “Balor’s Daughter”

The Collagist, Issue Eighty-Eight, “Pointillism” 

Hobart, “General Mills,” “Level One,” “What It’s Like,” and “Being There” 

TYPO Magazine (TYPO 26), “It’s The Real Thing” 

Front Porch Journal, “The Josephine Pocket” (fiction)

The Collapsar, “Antonym,” “Expression for a Shaft of Light and Testosterone,” “Imagination” 

A question & answer in Howlarium: When is songwriting poetry?

Radar Poetry, “I Wanted To” (with audio)

Redivider, Issue 13.2, “After Birth”

total-noise-feature-200x200The Rumpus, “Total Noise and Complete Saturation”  (nonfiction)

Sixth Finch, “Level Two”

Juked Magazine (December 2015), “I See The Tod Bringing Elderflowers Home”

Sugar House Review (Issue 12, Fall/Winter 2015), “Meditation in Poverty,” “Redcap,” “The Lies”

POETRY Magazine, October 2015, “Listening to Townes Van Zandt”

Shirley Magazine, “With Time the Words are Effaced by the Wind and the Rain.” December 2015

pantsVol. 1 Brooklyn, “I Wear The Pants,” November 2015 (nonfiction)

Linebreak,  “Ode to Men of the Service Industry”

THRUSH Poetry Journal, “The World’s Fair”

Written Here (The Squaw Valley Review) 2013, “Gathered After Dusk”

PANK, “The Pleasures of the Gut”
          (plus an interview about this piece)

A review of Margaret Atwood’s The Heart Goes Last at Monkeybicycle

An interview about TCR at The Review Review

“Six questions” interview about TCR 

DIAGRAM 12.2, “Eastbound All-American Freeway”

Vol. 1 Brooklyn, “All of Us,” December 2014 (nonfiction)

Luna Luna, “Meditation With Tiger’s Eye in the Fist”

decomP, “Burmese Days”

The Morning News, “It Made Me Feel Like More Than One Person”

The Shrug, “FLIPBOOK”
                   (an interview about this poem)

Beecher’s Magazine (2), “Plates of Meals Past”

Cactus Heart (#1), “Chimera” (2012)

Amethyst Arsenic, “Anniversary for Hermits” and “Softshell”

Straight Forward Poetry, “Slow Cooking” & “Letterbox with Spider” (2012)

Santa Clara Review, “The Calling” (2012)

Shared Light (anthology), “Rabbits,” “Some Kind of Southerner,” “Tithed,” “Sonia Semyonovna” (2011)

Prick of the Spindle, “Cotton” (2011)