Professional Cover Letter Template (Education Industry)

Dear Samuel,


I hope this letter finds you well. I’m writing to thank you sincerely for expressing interest in bringing me on as a [ ] at [ ]. I am honored and warmed that you were pleased with the work I have been doing.


After several years of rewarding and enlightening efforts in this field, I appreciate the opportunity to move forward into a broader role, one that will allow me to provide more meaningful contributions to [ ]. The structure of [ ]’s programs appeals to me as the perfect setting to make a wealth of new things possible for [ ].


Working for [ ] will offer me invaluable experience. The years I have spent working in settings with [ ] and [ ] have taught me a great deal about [ ]. I hope, in return, to be able to translate my own insight into providing enriching activities, employment opportunities, and support.


Thank you, again, for your encouragement, and for the work that you do.



[ ]


[note any enclosures here:

résumé, portfolio, and so on


like so:


Encl: ]

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