Original Wedding Speech

[Open with a short introduction, such as: “My name is Julie { }, and I am Darla’s best friend. We’ve known each other for more than { } years.” This would also be a good place to briefly acknowledge some of the other people at the head table, the beauty of the decorations or the venue, etc. Something light.]


We were both young girls in high school when I first met Darla. Little did I know back then that our friendship would blossom into a lifelong bond. We have shared so much, from our time in high school and advisory together, to the many birthdays and holidays we have celebrated: together, we have worshiped, laughed, and learned. Our birthdays are just a few days apart, and it makes me think that the universe had something in mind when it threw the two of us into our friendship. I have to smile when I think back on all the memories we’ve made, from crafting to learning how to budget together abroad. Memories like these are irreplaceable treasures that we will always share. I feel incredibly grateful to have been able to spend my formative years with a friend as wonderful as Darla.


Darla is a deeply curious and passionate person, and I have always known that she was someone special. There are few people as kind and considerate in this world. In her boundless compassion, she creates the world she believes in, one where the most vulnerable people are valued. In all aspects of her life, her politics, and her work, she strives fiercely to create and actualize this ideal. She has always taken care of me—she even took care of me the first time I got sick from drinking. Well, when she met Dan, I was so happy to see how well their personalities complemented one another. In Dan, Darla has finally found her caretaker.

It isn’t every day that life bestows deep and abiding love—the kind of love we often encounter in fairy tales—on the people we care most about. I am so honored to see my dear friend Darla marry the love of her life today. I am deeply blessed to have Darla and Dan as friends, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. Congratulations to both of you, and to the magnificent and bright future ahead of you. I can’t wait to see what it holds in store.

Darla, Dan, we are all so lucky to share this day with you. Let’s all raise our glasses and toast the happy couple.

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