Sargasso Sea

Owning a pair of white shoes is electrifying. How long will it be until I ruin them by stepping in juice, blood, or grass?

Dream: I am drinking a glass of cold water in the living room. When it runs out, I walk to the kitchen for more. After I do this a few times, I decided to drink my water directly at the sink, for convenience. Someone in a small hat comes up to me and says “You don’t like water.” But I do, I tell him. I ask him if he has seen all the water I’ve been drinking. Yes, he replies, but it doesn’t prove anything. He thinks I could be drinking the water for another reason. He thinks I could be drinking it out of spite. I go on drinking water while I stare at him. He has a mean look, but mine is meaner. The water is very cold. I am chemically dependent upon the water. When I wake up, I’m not thirsty. That’s because I’m still dreaming, and the water is all gone. A bill comes in the mail. The charges for all the water I drank come to 72 dollars. “Very reasonable,” I say out loud. At the living room window, the man with the hat is counting his money. “I can’t cover it,” he says. He will have to get more work, somewhere.

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