I am in Ohio. From my own window I can see a man walking around in his apartment, pacing. He is only a block away. The light in his room is orange and soft. He is waving his arms around. He may be doing an exercise. I will keep an eye on it. This afternoon I fell asleep with a potato chip in my hand. I would definitely visit this state again and I will recommend it to my friends.

Dream: A solid cloud drifts into a fence and breaks into several pieces. All the pieces are still too big to fit through the gaps in the fence. A little girl stops to pick them up and shove them through. The cloud is so cold that it frosts her hands. Her mother hands her an ice cream cone. I look behind me. The ice cream shop is decorated with black balloons and the word “HASTY.” I look back at the girl. Her mother is holding her up, offering her to me. “I have to go to work,” she says. I ask her where. She says the ice cream shop. I cannot argue with that. The girl is crying. She has had enough ice cream from the ice cream store.

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