Words and phrases I don’t like

  • With all due respect
  • Buff, in the sense of nudity or fandom
  • Transom
  • Mount
  • Late bloomer
  • Surviving, as a reply to “how are you?”
  • It’s not in my wheelhouse
  • Speculative
  • Maven
  • When we speak about the body
  • Glaze
  • Startup culture
  • Research indicates
  • Unspeakable beauty
  • Presidential
  • Nibbles, except when Cecily Strong says it

Dream: I don’t remember dreams anymore. I wake up every day at 5:58 when the dog barks.

One thought on “Leningrad

  1. On Reading your poem “Strangers” in Poetry this month/ Feb 2017–
    I am sitting watching a snowstorm in Colorado but researching sailboats to live on in the spring maybe. I opened my Poetry Feb.2017. I need to open something that does not
    I sail in to to what I think is your poem or someone with yourr namesake.
    I read it three times.. A record for me. Saying ‘I really liked it “is not enough.
    It weaves a spell with the winding words.
    The I unwind with the spell and weave my own.
    Your form winds in the web so for three moments
    the snow falls harder and
    to the web I go to find the weaver.

    So are you she?

    If so
    So strange? Are we

    I caused me to think photography and pass of an object in a photo. The object in the background becomes the
    next photos
    and so it goes.

    a wonderful idea to paly with in the snow.

    Thank, you Ms. Gosney. I look forward to your upcoming publication of poems.
    (and good luck in your march to add sanity back to our lives after this week.

    Phil W. in Colorado


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